Dee goes on a podcast!

As I had discussed on Twitter and Plurk, I was invited to the Twisted Nether Blogcast, and the episode is now up for listening!  It was recorded on Sunday, May 19th, and quite a few people turned out to hang in the chatroom and listen to the podcast live.

You can find the episode here!

It was extremely humbling that people came out and listened to me babble about writing stories.  Many thanks to everyone who was there, and to the people who are listening to this now that it is up.  It really does mean a lot, more than I can adequately express in words.  I am thankful to each and every one of you.

My initial reaction to this podcast was “why would they pick me, of all people”.  Up until the moment we started recording, I was waiting for something to go horribly wrong- maybe they would forget to add me on Skype, or cancel the show.  I expected that maybe one or two people would show up to listen in…I’m still, frankly, a bit shocked that at one point, we had nearly twenty people listening.  Many were from Twitter, or were friends that I roleplay with.

Suffice it to say that this podcast is getting saved and stored somewhere for me to look back at when I’m having a rough day.  I’ll keep it with me, even after I’ve undoubtedly moved on from the Warcraft fandom years down the road.

There were many things I’d liked to have discussed, but we wound up filling up the entire hour, much to my surprise!  Perhaps I’ll keep those thoughts for future posts.


I wanted to use this post to link to some of the things that were discussed in the podcast!

  • Firstly, I now have a contact page, because Hydra (one of the hosts) was unsure of how to contact me, initially.
  • I also have a page that serves as a rough table of contents for my stories.  Starting with the oldest, timeline-wise, it is grouped roughly by timeline and by main character.
  • My characters page has been updated to include links out to my current Dreamwidth roleplay accounts.


As I mentioned in the podcast, the majority of my roleplay happens over on, which is heavily based off of the old Livejournal site design.  There is a large roleplay community here, and many different writing games that are run through the site.  It may seem daunting at first, but it’s not too bad once you get the basics!  A basic account is free, though you can pay roughly $3 a month for other features, like extra icon spaces (free accounts have 15 icon spaces).

The general idea is that you create a journal account for your character, and then use that account to leave in-character comments to other characters on the roleplay communities.  Many people play characters that are NPCs (such as me playing Thassarian or someone else playing Anduin Wrynn) or characters that are established in a canon (video game, movie, book, etc), but original characters are also quite common!

If you’d like any information about Dreamwidth, or need any help stepping in, feel free to drop me an email or an instant message.  I’d be happy to help!


In conclusion

Thank you, again, to everyone.  I look forward to writing more fanfiction in the future, and hopefully you’ll be interested in reading it!

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  1. Thanks for coming on the show! It was great to have you. And the Table of Contents is perfect! :D

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