Dee’s Guide to Gearing and Getting Mad About A New Character

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Congrats, you’re level 90!  You’re almost ready to step into LFR!  But first, there’s a little bit of work to do.  Mosey on over to the AH with a bit of gold, ask guildmates for help, or pick from your alts that have been leveled and abandoned (just me?).

Gear to obtain at level 90:

502 Boots

476 chest and gloves

458 PvP Gear

Ghost Iron Dragonling (with appropriate cogwheels)

Getting the boots involves two scenarios and a little bit of questing, but are very worth it!  You will also get valor and loot chances from these two secnarios, even though I very, very highly recommend you specific queue for them.

By this point, you should be near 460.  Buy JP rings and necklace if you have the JP for it.

The next step is to run scenarios, which can give 463 gear (and 476, if you’re lucky).  Also, target specific heroic dungeons- if it has more than 2 pieces of gear for you, it might be with it to run it.  Your first goal is 460.  Unlock the Isle of Thunder before this and try to find a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen– I usually find them from the golden chests that can be found and looted once a week, or from rares on the island.  Try to open as many chests as possible to get Elder Charms of Good Fortune!  Also do dailies, if you can.  The solo scenarios on the island give a good bit of rep, and the Supermarket Sweep scenario can help with that, as well.  At Friendly, a 476 belt is available for a little gold.

Now that’s done, and you hopefully have some elder charms, it’s time to hit LFR!  Do all of Mogu’shan Vaults.  If you get lucky, you might be able to skip more scenarios and heroics.  Use charms only on bosses that have more than a few pieces of gear for you- don’t worry if it’s not perfectly itemized, right now.

Your next goal is 470- get to there, and then run Heart of Fear and Terrace of the Endless Spring LFR, using charms as you did in Mogu’shan.

and sometimes senpai will notice you and go with you.

Now that LFR is done for the week, it’s time to start on the Barrens.  What piece of gear do you need the most?  Focus on replacing your lowest item level pieces of gear, first and foremost.  If you’re on a larger server, this might be a bit easier with people killing commanders.

Your next goal is 480, and this is the most lengthy part.  Try and kill Oondasta and Nalak by this time, if you can!  Unfortunately, if you didn’t have any luck in LFR, there isn’t much you can do at this point.  Try and replace what you can with gear from heroics, but don’t spend your VP just yet, unless it will bump you to 480.

Once you hit 480, you can now run heroic scenarios and Throne of Thunder LFR!  Your first heroic scenario will award you a guaranteed 516 piece of gear.  Afterward, each daily heroic scenario will give a chest with a chance at a 516.  I try to run these daily- they’re quick and good for VP, as well.  The only downside is that you have to have a group of three to queue for them, but you can use RealID groups!

And that’s really my entire secret.  I’ve been level 90 for less than two weeks, and I hit ilevel 500 today.  It just takes work!

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