Dee’s Quick and Dirty Windwalker Guide

So I’ve got this time at the end of an expansion, and you’ve got this new class you want to try out, but where to start?  This is a simple Windwalker DPS guide.  I am by no means an expert in this, but I have a very rough idea of how do.

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The Basics

Windwalkers use two resources- energy and chi.  Energy is mainly consumed by the ability Jab, and this generates chi:

Jab will mainly be used to generate chi for your other attacks.  You will be hitting this button a lot!  You can also use Expel Harm to heal yourself and generate the same amount of chi.

There are four main chi consuming abilities: Tiger Palm, Fists of Fury, Rising Sun Kick, and Blackout Kick.

Okay, I know, tooltips are great, but the key things there are- Tiger Palm grants you a buff that lets your attacks ignore 30% of an opponent’s armor.  Rising Sun Kick puts a debuff on the target that causes them to take 20% more damage from your abilities.

The basic priority is this:

  1.  Jab/Expel Harm to generate Chi.
  2.  Tiger Palm for the buff- keep this buff up at all times.
  3.  Rising Sun Kick on cooldown.
  4. Your level 30 talent (Chi Wave).
  5.  Fists of Fury on cooldown.
  6.  Fill in with Blackout Kick.

There are a few other things to watch out for.  In an AoE situations, use Rushing Jade Wind (I’ll cover that next!) or Spinning Crane Kick.


You have four abilities that will light up- Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick, Tigerseye Brew, and Touch of Death.

Tiger Palm and Blackout kick will even put a little aura around your character (the blue things, below):

To the left- the green bar tracks my Tiger Palm, and the dots track my chi. I’m using a horribly outdated RealUI.

When these light up, that just means that you can use that ability without using any chi!  YOU GET A TIGER PALM.  YOU GET A TIGER PALM.  You get the idea.  It’s best to use these quick- they don’t stack more than once, so use it before it can show up again and refresh itself.

Of the other two abilities, the one that is a little trickest to understand is Tigerseye Brew:

You want to use this when you have 10 stacks, mostly.  It can go up to 20, and that’s when it will light up.  To really maximize how you use this, you’ll want to line it up when you can use a good burst of DPS- small burn phases, especially.  Otherwise, just use it at ten stacks.

Touch of Death can be very useful when soloing and questing, and on fights where there are adds (like Immerseus).


Most Windwalker cooldowns are utility cooldowns, aside from if you talent into Invoke Xuen at level 90.  The main one to start using is Energizing Brew when you find yourself starved for energy and need to generate chi.  Fortifying Brew is good to keep handy.

There aren’t any magic burst DPS buttons for monks, though.  Our DPS is generally pretty even over the course of a fight.


I don’t want this section to run too long, but I’ve put the talents I recommend in little boxes here:

Levels 15, 60, and 75 are mostly up to what you think would fit in best with your playstyle and what you need to bring to a fight.  For example, on a fight like Iron Juggernaut, I’d recommend taking Dampen Harm so you can help with mines.  If you’re just doing LFR or something, though, you can probably do just fine with anything in these tiers.

Levels 30, 45, and 90 I do have recommended talents for!

At level 30, I highly suggest Chi Wave.  It is a short cooldown that can also be used for burst healing if you’re doing things like soloing elites (against these, will will bounce all 7 times).

At level 45, I recommend either Ascension or Chi Brew.  I personally like Ascension because I have a bad habit of sometimes hitting jab one too many times, but your mileage may vary!

At level 90, I recommend either Rushing Jade Wind or Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger.  Rushing Jade Wind is better for heavy AoE situations, but Xuen also does some AoE damage.  I’ll admit that I take Xuen entirely because I like having a battle tiger with me, I’m not going to lie.  If you pick him, be sure to use it on cooldown.

Storm, Earth, and Fire

Storm, Earth, and Fire is something that I’m just starting to master, myself.  It’s a very useful ability for fights where there are multiple targets.  Only use this when there are two or more targets- if you attack the same target as your clone, it will no longer copy your attacks and just autoattack.  A good example for a use of this would be to use this on a fight like Nazgrim where there are adds but you would benefit from splitting your DPS.  If you use them, make SURE that you use tiger palm before summoning the copies so that they can benefit from the buff.  To cancel them, you just target their target, and use the ability again.

Putting it all together

So, following along with me, your single-target priority is like this:

  1.  Jab/Expel Harm to generate Chi.
  2.  Tiger Palm for the buff- keep this buff up at all times.
  3.  Rising Sun Kick on cooldown.
  4. Your level 30 talent (Chi Wave).
  5.  Fists of Fury on cooldown.
  6.  Fill in with Blackout Kick.
  7. Use Tigerseye Brew at 10 stacks


A very basic AoE priority is like this:

  1. Tiger Palm
  2. Rushing Jade Wind/Spinning Crane Kick
  3. Rising Sun Kick

And with multiple targets, you use the same lists as above, but use Storm, Earth, and Fire on different targets to spread your DPS.


Your stat priority is simple and follows:

Hit to 7.5% = Expertise at 7.5% > Haste to roughly 6k > Crit > Mastery

That is, cap out hit and expertise at 7.5%.

You’ll want 5-7k haste.  The goal with haste is that you have enough energy to always either use a chi-consuming attack, or to generate chi.  Depending on talents (like Ascension), you might be able to get away with closer to 5k.

After that, you’ll want to prioritize crit over mastery.

this guide needs more pictures.


Most of the monk glyphs are largely utility-based, but I find Glyph of Spinning Crane Kick useful.  I also consider Glyph of Zen Flight to be mandatory on my monks.  Glyph of Blackout Kick can be a DPS increase- but will prevent Blackout Kick from healing you, which is really useful while questing or fighting elites.  I personally like Glyph of Afterlife, myself, but I encourage you to figure out which ones work best for you!


And that’s it!  Like I said, it’s no means an exhaustive guide, but at least you’ll have a rough idea of what to do in LFR and on the Timeless Isle!  Feel free to talk to me on Twitter at @hellabard or leave comments or corrections here!

2 thoughts on Dee’s Quick and Dirty Windwalker Guide

  1. Good summary for someone getting started.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Touch of Karma, though, the best button in the game! (well, the pally immunity bubble could put up a fight but it decreases your dps, ToK increases it, so for a dps toon I prefer ToK) Immunity up to your full health pool (+20% if you macro the appropriate brew to it) and damage done equal to whatever it reflects. It’s amazing both as an offensive &/or defensive cooldown, that it does both simultaneously is incredible.

    By my understanding the SEF clones track their own TP/RSK buffs so you have to hit those after the clones are on their targets, pre-hitting them doesn’t help. So, minor correction there. SEF is worth paying attention to, takes a while to learn when/how to use it but once you figure it out, it can be amazingly powerful/useful, at least in conjunction with an add-on, the base UI is useless when it comes to SEF, not even sure you can tell when they’re up, let alone on what.

    Also, note that FoF roots you in place so if the mob you’re attacking has any chance of moving, don’t use FoF or you’ll risk wasting 3 Chi if you’re forced to move before it finishes. If in doubt, ignore FoF.

    • Ah, yeah, I kind of…forgot…Touch of Karma. My bad there, haha.

      I’m still learning SEF, I must have gotten the TP thing confused, I guess. But thank you for the clarifications! These are useful even to me.

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