Punching Dragons, More at 11

Most people who have known me for a while know me as a tank.  I mained a Blood Death Knight all through Cataclysm, but I dealt with some pretty serious burn-out during Dragon Soul.  I’m a fairly okay tank, according to the folks I raid with, but I needed a break.

I had intended to swap to my mage for Mists, but some roster shuffles opened up the chance for me to heal.  My first “main” in an MMO was a healer, and I enjoy the role.  My Death Knight was geared in BiS normal-mode Dragon Soul gear, but I’d find myself logging in on her, collecting Mists blues, and promptly logging back out.  At the moment, she is locked at 85, and she may very well stay there for a while.

A fearsome sight on any battleground, and I’ve tanked some heroic-mode Cataclysm raids on her, too.

Still, there were too many things about her that I couldn’t come back to just yet.  She’s my “old shoe”- I’ll always know her keybinds by heart, but I needed to take a good step back from tanking.  My first few weeks in Mogu’shan Vaults were spent thinking “I should be tanking this”, but I’ve come to trust our tanks to handle these fights.  So far, they haven’t disappointed me.

I just needed a break.

I started a monk (two, actually- one Alliance, one Horde), and picked up Brewmaster just to see what they could do.  I’ve never quite clicked with Warrior tanking, and I haven’t liked Paladin tanking that much.  I make a passable Guardian Druid, but it’s not my favorite.

I have to admit, I’m growing a little fond of the Brewmaster toolkit.  I love having some raid utility- the main thing that bothered me about Blood Death Knights is that they have little in the way of raid cooldowns.  This is part of why Dragon Soul meant so much to me- I was able to time my own cooldowns to help my entire raid.  Brewmasters bring absorbs and damage redirection, and I have to say, it’s pretty dang neat.

And the novelty of tanking in a dress hasn’t worn off yet.

My monk is now level 82, almost 83, and I’m hitting the point where I have to start thinking about what I actually want to do with her.  I have no professions on her, no grand schemes for the future.  I don’t want to LFR without another competent tank by my side, and I don’t think I’m ready to be a full-time tank again.

Maybe it’s just about the journey.

Each of my characters has a mount that is “theirs”.  For my Death Knight, it’s the Crimson Deathcharger and the Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade.  I had no idea what Yeong’s would be.  Right now, her land mount is my Primordial Direhorn.  Flying was another matter entirely.  I just picked a mount, and it was okay.  I didn’t train 280% flight on her yet- I was planning on dungeoning for most of Cataclysm‘s levels and then being restricted to a land mount when I hit Mists content.  I logged in, looked at the dungeon finder, and decided I was close enough to 83 that Deepholm wouldn’t hurt, right?

I was doing an intro quest when NPC Scan went off, alerting me to a rare.  Oh, maybe I’d get some extra experience.  No, wait…that’s not extra experience…

I clicked it and swung my camera around.  There, in the sky above me, was Aeonaxx.

I told my husband.  “Well, go for it,” was his reply.  I thought about it.  I was a tank, so maybe I would be able to survive.  Maybe.  I clicked on him, intimidated by the large health pool but flying slowly toward him all the same.  I furiously clicked the arrow on him, and away we went.  I was at-level for Deepholm, flying around on the back of a dragon that had more HP than some bosses.

I did the only logical thing.

I punched him.


Hard enough that, after a long flight and shaking as I used keg smash to bring down the adds, my Touch of Death button lit up, just as we neared where I had jumped onto him from.  We had made one circuit around Deepholm.

Sometimes, when recovering from burnout, you just really, really, need to punch a dragon from the sky.

The flexinator is back in business.

I’m pleased to say that Yeong has well-deserved 280% flight now, and I’ve found a flying mount that suits her.  It was a mount I never thought I’d get, and even though it was purely luck that I was in the right place at the right time, I’m still very proud to have it.

I have some time before I need to hit level 90, but Yeong is my next project.

Maybe I’ve found how to get my groove back after all.

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